ideasStuck? No motivation? Stress or overwhelm – I know what it feels like and I can help. Whatever state you find yourself in – I will meet you there and together we can get you moving forward with whatever needs to be done or taken care of.

However you organize for your taxes or especially if you don’t - start now.  I can set up an easy system for you to keep all your receipts and documents organized so they will be ready for submission. Or, if you like, I can simply get everything ready for you quickly when you want and on your timetable.

Moving to Sedona … need someone here to meet the movers, arrange furniture, unpack, arrange for utilities and services to be turned on and tend to the many details involved, I’m your gal!

Weekly Tune-ups: one day a week or whatever interval you choose I will come over and take care of paperwork flow – sort, organize and process mail, bills, correspondence and filing. I’ll prepare for you an updated account of where things stand, what’s due and what’s coming up, calendar appointments and meetings. Take the morning or afternoon off and when you return it will all be taken care of.

2nd home in Sedona?  Those who have a vacation home here, put me on retainer, and let me be your go-to person when you are coming in town. Just shoot me an email and let me know when you are arriving and what you want done. All those little details will be taken care of: airing out the place, picking stuff up, organizing mail, turning services on, stocking refrigerator, fueling up cars, scheduling cleaners, landscapers and other service-related needs to ensure that everything is lovely and in good working order.