Clients Rave!


Nancy Slakoff, Sedona, Arizona
“My closet has never been more organized! I can actually find things and it now gives me pleasure to walk into it. What a total mess this closet was before Lisa arrived at the door. Now I even have cute woven baskets labeled with what's in them. No more rooting thru piles to find what I'm looking for. And the hanging clothes are color coordinated! It really does give one a feeling of freedom and satisfaction. And Lisa is a delight. It's been a few months now and I still love how it feels to walk into my organized closed."



Dona Hamilton Cornell, Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs, UH System
"Lisa is smart, efficient, organized and hardworking.  I could not ask for a better assistant as she allows me to do what I do best without the concern of leaving personal matters undone. She understands details and plans ahead and you will not regret hiring her!  Most importantly, Lisa is discrete and has great integrity."

pinJune Jenkins Peterson, Wilmington, DE
“Lisa Grubbs is a very efficient, organized person who has helped me organize and straighten out my life.    Her manor is quite pleasing and she is a great friend to have around.  I explained to her my problems with opening up my summer cabin and she took it from there.  She helped me throughout my summer stay and with the closing up of the cabin.  Lisa knew how to contact the various agencies and get their help - she knew how to contact the County re: fixing up the road, and she helped me get the various equipment running in the cabin. She is extremely capable and knowledgeable with just about everything I had her help me with. She helped me with correspondence and is excellent with phone calls.  She swiftly and efficiently helped me shop and run errands in Boulder.

This all took patience, time and ability to get these jobs done well.   Lisa has continued to help me over the years,    I would give her an unqualified excellent recommendation to help other clients organize and maintain their lives.”

pinleftSTEPHANIE KENKEL, Kalispell, Montana
"I am not sure I can properly express all that you encompass.  I called you to have you set up a small home office for myself.  What came out of that call was an overhaul of my whole household and office!  Not only did you set up a workspace, but created a filing system with an index so that all my important documents, photos, kids’ art work, etc. was in place and marked.  This allowed me to continue the process.  I still have those files and crates labeled and full!  

As my kids went from toddler to adolescence imagine the change in "toys" creating a massive amount of "stuff!"  Lisa went right to work sorting electrical cords, computer games and attachments, board games, books, puzzles.  Eventually she went through every closet and cabinet with tables all around the house full of different categories of things.  She also went so far as to suggest what to keep and toss.  When it came time to go through my areas (kitchen, bedroom) I got rid of some really nice "stuff" that I would still be "storing" to this day had Lisa not said, "imagine how happy someone will be to find what you are not using."  

With the changing seasons and living in Montana comes lots of clothing and accessories.  Lisa emptied out the entire mud room area and cubbies.  Sorted, labeled and even personalized each cubby. This made the kids want to keep up the system she put in place!  

Lisa's skills continued to reveal themselves.  I had to throw our annual Christmas Party and Lisa not only assisted with planning and decorations, but came up with using pheasant feathers and Christmas lights to my beautiful displays!!

Having Lisa organize my 'life" was cleansing for my home and my own wellbeing.  I was a stressed out Mom, Wife and Friend who needed to manage a household as well as numerous properties and enjoy the wonderful life in front of me! Lisa was able to do all this leaving my Family with systems in place. Words are inadequate to express the gratitude for your work!"